Monday, November 10, 2008

On november 17 at 7pm there will be a free screening of the film entitled "Youth Uprising". The film is about 4 black males from the same school and their progression from teen life into adult life and of course im one of the four so you should come and support these postive filmmakers and the change they are trying to create the address is:

The Brecht Forum
451 west street
btw bank and bethune St
November 17 at 7pm
A.C.or E,L trains to 14st and 8th ave
walk down 8th ave to bethune, turn
right, walk west to the river, turn left

1,2 or 3 trains to 14th st and 7th ave
get off at the south end of the station
walk west on 12th street and 8th ave
left on bethune turn right, walk west
to the river then turn left. to watch a preview of whats to come next monday the 17 hope to you there.

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